Jim Mitchell

I know Jim Mitchell about the year 2006, at the AXIS office in Citra Graha Building, 2nd Floor. Pak Aang Koesmanggala introduced me to Pak Jim for helping him to make the application program using Microsoft Access that was made by Pak Jim. The program is to record the correspondence between AXIS and Vendor (Huawei and Ericsson), and to record document files metadata stored in library.

The program was named ACTARS (Amalgamated Correspondence Transmittal and Reporting System). ACTARS originally created by pak Jim uses Access database (. Mdb), but because it will be used in multiuser, I finally changed using the MS SQL Server database.

During the work with Pak Jim (Pak Jim as a National Project Control) I feel concern for the tremendous database (the same concern shown by Pak Martin Van Eijk, my boss earlier in the CIS International). Concern and appreciation of my work become the driving passion in my work. Finally we begin collecting Site List in the database that became the forerunner of the ASTra program (AXIS Site Tracker).

Pak Jim, once again, is a person who is always concerned with the significance of the database. He even like to enter himself data into the database, then asked me to make a query to generate the information needed. In addition, Pak Jim is a person who has always appreciated the work of others. I often got the words "Very good Haer", or "Thank you, Haer." Plus, every time I ask permission for something (usually via SMS), almost never Pak Jim did not answer with "OK Haer."

Pak Jim is a boon to me. When my contract with NTS (NTS is previous name of AXIS) and Pak Marco (HR Director) has decided not to renew, Pak Jim 'forward' to extend and make permanent in the following year. Pak Jim is also always fighting for 'improved' my fate in AXIS. Thank you Pak Jim.

One thing I rather regret is my lack of verbal communication with Pak Jim. Besides that I can not speak English, Pak Jim also include people who are quiet, and always works. To communicate, I am forced to use email or IM.

Pak Jim, thanks for the service and respect that you give. I certainly will not forget you, forever!

Jim with his caricature

Jim with AXIS Technology Support team

(Ritz Carlton, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta, May 2, 2012)

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